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We've got everything bike fans could wish for

Bruno Kernen E-bike hire

We can put together an individual package for you according to your needs and at an attractive price.

  • A total of 12 E-bikes are available for use by the two hotels: 4 Fullys, 4 MTB 500s and 4 CTBs. They can be collected from either Hotel Kernen or Hotel des Alpes, as required.
  • Available to hire: from May until the end of October
  • Hire price for hotel guests: CHF 60.00 full day, CHF 35.00 half day
  • Gstaad Saanenland Tourist Office offers more than 300 kilometres of GPS tours on signposted routes and special trails, most of them on natural surfaces, on the mountains as well as going from place to place in the valley.
  • Details on the website: www.gstaad.ch (Summer, Bike)
  • Book an experienced bike tour guide: full day CHF 450.00 / half day 270.00 
We've got everything bike fans could wish for

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